Class Descriptions

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Dance Fitness

This class is designed to make you sweat!  It consists of energetic dance routines that are easy to follow.  Dance your way to a better you.  Dance styles include:  Hip-Hop, Cumbia, Country and Salsa.  Get fit and have fun with Coral Warren.

Body Sculpt

Sculpt and tone every zone in our Body Sculpt class.   This is a low-impact, strength-training class. Free weights, BOSU balls, stability balls and resistance bands are just some of the equipment used in your body sculpt workout.  Every week is different.  Every week is awesome.  Led by Suzie Lightle

Sculpt & Burn

This class is a perfect combination of strength-training and cardio.  A well-rounded workout that will hit all of your muscle groups and get your heart rate pumping!  Join Coral on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

BARRE above

Barre Above fuses the very best of pilates, yoga, aerobics, and strength training.  You don’t need to worry about dance experience.  Barre Above is barre for all bodies!  Classes include modifications for any fitness level so you can feel successful while achieving an amazing workout that will lengthen, strengthen and tone your body.

Pound Fit

Come rockout/workout in our Pound Fitness class!  This class is a full-body cardio jam session done with lightly weighted drumsticks. Have fun drumming your way to a leaner you while rocking out to your favorite music.  No rhythm or dancing skills required.  Taught Tuesdays by Suzie Lightle and Thursdays by Erica Mackey, both are certified Pound instructors.


Improve your flexibility, strength, and balance in our all-level yoga class.  This yoga class offers sessions that will explore vigorous, athletic-flowing styles to classes that have slower-paced, long-held poses to help guide you to complete wellness while you stretch, tone and relax.  Led by Suzie Lightle, certified yoga instructor.

Step Aerobics

This is a cardio-based workout that is tons of fun!  Improve your cardiovascular and muscle endurance while also improving coordination and agility!  Typically burn 300-500 calories in our step aerobic class!  Led by Coral Warren.


The media has dubbed ShockWave “The Most Efficient Total Body Workout in the World”!  This circuit-training class challenges your mind and body while getting you healthy and fit!  ShockWave pushes your limits while maximizing the fun factor!  You will burn fat for hours after your workout!   Taught by Coral Warren.

Power Step & Strengthen

Get your weekend started off on the right step with this high-energy workout that combines step aerobics with strength training! This class takes step aerobics to a whole new level of excitement and challenge!  Be prepared to burn lots of calories and have lots of fun!  Taught by Coral Warren.